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The Robot Takeover of OR's Continues

An innovative team at the McGill University Health Center has added to the OR's electronic arsenal, witha robot that can perform [...] intubation. Read More


Introducing the World's First Intubation Robot

First there was McSleepy. Now it's time to introduce the first intubation robot operated by remote control. Read More


World's First Transcontinental Anesthesia

Dr. Thomas Hemmerling and his team of McGill's Department of Anesthesia achieved a world first on August 30, 2010, when they treated patients undergoing thyroid gland surgery in Italy remotly from Montreal. Read More


Closed Loop Control System

Developing a Closed-Loop Control Method for an Automated Anesthesia System Using NI LabVIEW Software


STA Awards (Society for Technology in Anesthesia)

- Clinical Application of Technology Award 2009

- Excellence in Technology Innovation Award 2009

- Excellence in Technology Innovation Award 2008






Research in anesthesia touches various aspects: medicine, technology, physiology, natural sciences, all with the idea of achieving a better understanding and quality of care.

Anesthetic research is an exciting field because it crosses boundaries of various specialities, uniting people with various backgrounds, scientifically as well as socially.


The first research group was NRG (Neuromuscular research group) founded in 2002. New technologies were developed, a better insight into the mechanisms of neuromuscular transmission established. More work needs to be done, especially in the understanding how various aspects of anesthesia interact with neuromuscular transmission and blockade. NRG has an international recognition for developing new methods of neuromuscular monitoring.


PeriCARG (Perioperative Cardiac Research Group) is a different, more clinically oriented research group, founded in 2003 to advance research of perioperative care in cardiac surgery. The group?s scientific focus ranges from different ways to protect the heart during surgery to performing pioneering work, like the first conventional awake cardiac surgery in North America. Topics include clinical themes as well as fundamental questions. Members of PeriCARG have founded a clinical interest group, called CART (cardiac anesthesia and regional techniques), an international society to promote regional techniques in cardiac anesthesia. It fosters the Canadian headquarter of CART.


ITAG (Intelligent Technology in Anesthesia Group) was founded in 2004 and develops new devices for anesthesia and intensive care medicine, such as an automated anesthesia system using artificial intelligence.



Radio Interviews


CJAD Robotic Intubation

BBC McSleepy and da Vinci






KIS: Kepler Intubation System



Developing a Closed-Loop Control Method for an Automated Anesthesia System Using NI LabVIEW Software


McSleepy on "Decouverte"

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